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The Art – Spider’s Web

This Spider’s Web art image is hand-created from an original Polaroid image/dye transfer photographic art process, where the chemical dyes in the film negative is applied onto art paper and rolled under a timed condition to create the unique one-off image you see here. This digital art piece is super-rare because each Polaroid image dye transfer art piece is unique, individual, and there’s no other like it. Whether you hold on to each piece or resell on the secondary markets is entirely up to you, but what you have here is a very special Bitcoin NFT. You can see that it’s a quality piece of collectible digital art secured on the Bitcoin blockchain for posterity and immutability. Only one Spider’s Web art is allowed per wallet address which adds to its rarity, scarcity and makes this Bitcoin NFT worth buying. As space on the Bitcoin blockchain becomes scarcer and competition for remaining space increases, the value of this Bitcoin NFT will skyrocket. Get yours now whilst the price is temporarily & artificially kept low! 

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